Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Laws of Consumer Engagement

I found this talk about consumer engagement by Fousquare's Siobhan Quinn at TEDXSiliconAlley very interesting.

Quinn has 5 points to offer, in reference to how Foursquare inspires its users to continually pull out their phones and check-in:
  1. We seek out the comfort of community/relationships: So, provide people with clear access to a community (it may even be their own).  Most interestingly is PostSecret, an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard
  2. We all have something to say: So give us tools to express ourselves. Offer vehicles for your community to express themselves and tell their story. Tools include comments, notes, and all the fun things Facebook has given us with Timeline, etc.
  3. We need to feel important/valued: So use rewards to make us feel special. How do you make people feel special? One way is through exclusivity like Gilt Groupe. One way is through badges on Foursquare.  Tokens of appreciation and recognition may includes badges, rewards, exclusive access, and the like.
  4. We’re drawn to beauty: So, give us something beautiful to look at. Never take design and aesthetics for granted — they’re powerful at a very basic, human level.  Flipboard puts the image first. Instagram is a series of beautiful images within a community.
  5. We're captivated by the unkown: So target our curiosity. Help people learn about new things — ideas, places, music, food, destinations — what be it. Foursquare does this with points! Different sorts of points that keep us coming back. Pinterest does with page after page of visual chaos and constant intrigue.

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